Graduate company loyalty

BrighterBox wanted to know if the urban myth was true - are graduates really as flighty as they're made out to be?
To find out, we asked over 100 graduates on our platform about their company loyalty. How long do they intend to stay at a company for? When do they decide this? What makes them stay? More importantly, what makes them leave?

As well as this, we asked the job perk experts Flexa Careers and Oyster how they keep their top talent. As it turns out, you can't just rely on providing alternative modes of working to keep your employees happy - you must take a human-first approach, consider people's unique challenges, and put the needs of staff above senior leadership's ideals.


Don't just take our word for it

  • BrighterBox is the gateway to the best grad talent in the industry. Working with Charlie and his team for many years, they really get our unique culture and the high standards we expect from every person that joins. Adam Ludwin
  • BrighterBox made the effort to listen and understand what we’re looking to achieve here at GoCardless, which was really refreshing. We’re very excited to work closely with them as we continue to scale. Joseph Robins
  • BrighterBox understood our needs well and consequently provided us with really good candidates. The team are also a pleasure to work with! ZeShaan Shamsi
  • BrighterBox waded through a sea of graduate candidates to help make an excellent hire for our customer experience role. The process was quick, efficient and fuss-free, saving us time, hassle and the pain of sifting through CVs.  Alex Buttle
  • We hire a lot of graduates into very different roles in our operations team and work to very tight hiring deadlines. BrighterBox have not let us down with finding the right people; they are also a great bunch to work with! Anna Roe
  • BrighterBox makes a conscious effort to understand what a perfect candidate is for their client. The way they work is quality over quantity which is refreshing. We've made some of our best hires thanks to them!  Lauren Pascoe

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