Operations Associate

Tech-for-good mental health startup

  • Location : London 
  • Salary : £28,000 
  • Nearest Station : Dalston Junction 
  • Application Closing Date : 31 July 2022 
  • Placement : Graduate Job ( permanent ) 
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    • London  
    • £28,000 
    • Dalston Junction 
    • 31 July 2022 
    • Graduate Job ( permanent ) 

    Company Description

    Our client is a remote-first tech startup (with an office in London) working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. Their product? A tool that companies buy to allow their employees access to wellbeing resources (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book therapy sessions in just three clicks (if they need more support).

    How's it been going so far? Since launching the product in January 2020, they've grown from 0 to 350 customers. And they deliver over 1,500 therapy sessions each month, but are growing fast, and this is just the beginning. That's where you come in.

    Job Description

    You will be a key part of an Operations team which partners with all areas of the business, takes decisions based on data and enables this start-up to scale. Your work will be diverse and fast-paced. This is an ideal role if you're looking to learn how to do good work and do it fast; see all different parts of a business; and find out what it's like to work in operations at a start-up. Example tasks could include: gathering critical data each month so that customers can pay; helping customers book certain types of therapy; figuring out when and how to move to a bigger office; and plenty more.

    If you prove yourself in the role, there will be the opportunity to take ownership of more significant projects or parts of the business. However, in the near future, you should be ready to work across a wide range of projects and get exposure to different areas of the busuiness. You will report directly to the Head of Ops.

    The ideal candidate
    Work experience:
    ✅ You don’t need to have had specific operations experience before so if you can demonstrate the skills required for this job they'll want to hear from you. E.g.
    • You worked in a restaurant chain and, as part of the job, had to improve the way the staff rota was done
    • You ran a university society and figured out how to triple membership
    • You did an internship at a law firm and managed to save time on an existing process
    ✅ You don’t need to have gone to university; life and work experience often counts for far more. If you’ve spent the time after school doing stuff instead, and it has helped you build the skills they're looking for, then they'll want to hear from you.
    ✅ You are a doer. You own your work and keep going until you get the results you want. When things don't go the way you planned, you don't get downhearted - you get excited about the chance to try something new and learn along the way.
    ✅ You are comfortable with occasional chaos and ambiguity. You take a proactive approach to these things. When there's a lack of process you create it. When someone forgets to tell you something, you chase them until they do.
    ❌ Not a good fit for you if: You want to work in one area of the business or on one specific project. This role will work across lots of different things and that should excite you.

    The pay and the benefits
    • The salary will be £28k (pro rata).
    • All the statutory benefits: a minimum of 25 days' holiday (excluding bank holidays), pension, sick leave. It should go without saying that you can take the day off or speak with a therapist if you're feeling under the weather.
    • The offices are based in London but they are a remote-first company (all company-wide and team meetings are default remote), so accept remote applications are accepted.
    • You just need to be in a UK-friendly timezone, i.e. GMT + / - 3 hours. ​
    • TL;DR 3-month internship (in the London office, or remote +/- 3 hours from London). Salary: £28k pro rata.
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