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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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10-minute team activities to boost startup work productivity

Team activities creates an environment for collaboration and brings together employees.  Not only is it valuable to have good communication between employees but team activities can result in increased productivity & higher morale levels especially important to smaller startups & SMEs. Having a good work environment is crucial to the happiness and productivity of a startup workplace and reflective in the quality of work being done. Team activities in the workplace contribute drastically toward employee motivation and work performance. It can be difficult to know how to improve the mood of a workplace and increase the morale of your employees especially if your drawing near the end of the work week of day. The beauty of team activities is you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of time. Here are our favourite 10-minute team building exercises that boost morale & get the team eager to tackle the work day. 


Tips for team activities

The activities your team decides to be part of can be completely tangential of the work or  you can experiment with incorporate real time work goals with the exercises. Concerned that your team needs to be more alert for impending client meeting? Take 10 for everyone to gather around and play a trivia-based game that relies on your team’s sharp wits. Need to hack creativity? Maybe a competitive break for “Insta Take 10” will help your team get in the mood and think creatively. 


Insta Take 10

Insta Take 10 is a 10-minute outing that teams can organizations and act as a photo competition with the owner of the best picture getting treated or winning a small prize. This is a great opportunity to jazz up the company’s Instagram account or to be added to its social to promote the startup’s culture. Insta Take 10 gives employees the chance to be creative outside of the workplace, feel refreshed with the short outdoor excursion and allows the team to explore and to see the work environment through different lenses when determining the winner. 




Sporcle is a trivia quiz website that we love at BrighterBox. Whenever we need a pick-me up as a team, we randomly choose a letter from the alphabet and play one of letter quizzes with the team huddled together in front of a computer. Like most trivia, Sporcle quizzes test general knowledge from your geography & science understanding to your awareness of football leagues! Timed trivia quizzes are great for getting the team involved and having to be sharp and perform under pressure. 


HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a recent inception that has been widely received and sparked a lot of activity in the workplace. As soon as 3:00pm rolls around, employees congregate in preparation for this popular live interactive mobile game show. Office work is often put on hold and employees are glued to their seats in anticipation for its start and hopes to answer the 12 trivia questions correctly and hit the jackpot. HQ phenomenally creates a sense of urgency with their timed questions and get most excited requiring them to call upon their reasoning skills. Similar to Sporcle, HQ is great for getting the team excited and having the team to think on its feet. 


Guided stretch

Most office employees spend entire days in slouched positions with their shoulders hunched, neck strained and looking down at our computers. A guided stretch is great to combat these physical stresses and stretching is known to reduce fatigue and increase coordination in muscles. As a team member leads the stretch, the group can get their blood flowing and come out of the habitual sedentary office position by bettering posture. It works wonders on the well-being of employees and can leave the team feeling reenergised.


Name that song/ Sing-along session

Music is known to have may benefits from the release of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in humans, to reducing stress and elevating moods. Naturally music is vital for an employee's work day and has the ability to change the atmosphere of a work space. Team activities like Name that Song, where each person from the team takes turns playing a snippet of a song with the rest of the group having to guess the title and artist based on what they’ve heard, is an easy way to get employees out of a sluggish mood and discover co-worker’s musical tastes and new music.  



Desk decorating contest 

A timed desk decorating contest can provide environmental novelty to an otherwise familiar space. Feel free to set a theme or base it on events! The novelty of this activity can get employees excited about their newly decorated office digs and give them a boost. They will feel like they are contributing and a part of the overall environment of the company. 


Cappuccino/ Juice Walk

It’s the afternoon and energy levels seem to taper. Being at the desk for long hours can make employees feel restless. This is a fantastic time to grab a coffee or juice to boost your energy from the nearest café and go for a walk with a team member. A cappuccino or juice walk is beneficial in many ways as it serves as a change in your scenery and getting up and moving engages the brain in ways that desks and screens can’t and increases creativity by 60%. 


Mind-mapping Session

Mind mapping sessions are a great way to let the creative juices flow and for employees to get out of their heads and open them up to different viewpoints they may not have considered. It’s a great way to come up with new ideas and makes the creative process feel more inclusive. 

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