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5 benefits of working for a startup as a grad

What are the benefits of working in a startup as a fresh grad? Martha Mae, Head of Partnerships and Programmes at Girls in Marketing, shares with us her reasons for joining an up-and-coming business over a corporate firm.


Picture this: you’re nearing the end of your final year at university and all your peers are quickly snapping up interviews, graduate schemes and placement years. The clock is ticking and you find yourself scrambling to find a job in time for graduation.

There is an unspoken notion that if you land a job with a well-known company, you’re somehow better than other graduates (which is definitely not true.) While it’s a massive achievement to get your foot in the door of an internationally recognised brand, it doesn’t necessarily mean your graduate experience will be any better. In fact, a lot of startups will go out of their way to attract top graduate talent and make your time with them unforgettable.

Here are five things you can look forward to when you apply for your next role within a startup...


1. The opportunities are abundant

Startup businesses are the hub of new opportunity. Often, people in leadership at startups are very focussed on the future, and they are always looking for exciting projects to get involved with. In turn, this means tons of opportunities become available for you to throw yourself into. Whether it be local events, extra training or meeting industry figures, you’re bound to experience some incredible things!

Since beginning my graduate role at Girls in Marketing, my work has been featured in several articles; I’ve attended business awards; been invited on podcasts and even had the chance to visit universities across the UK.

All of these things are within arms length when you work for a smaller company. As a graduate, these opportunities will make an impact on your career portfolio in the long-run, so grab as many as you can!

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2. Quicker progression

Along with opportunity comes quicker progression. The natural culture of startup businesses is fast-paced and full of momentum, so there is usually more room for growth and progression within your role.

Prove you work hard and that you’re open to climbing the career ladder. If you do, there is no reason why you can’t successfully work your way up while the startup inevitably begins to grow.


3. More flexibility

Startups rely on people who are prepared and proactive. In a lot of cases, they will just want you to work hard and get the job done. As long as you and your employer are on the same page, there is room for more flexible working since there are fewer hoops to jump through to get people to sign off your WFH day.

Not all startups will offer flexible working as a listed benefit though, so it’s worth asking this question once you’re further into the application process.

Startup flexibility



4. Impactful work that is valued

It’s no secret that your hard work can occasionally go unrecognised when you work for a huge corporation. Being let loose as a graduate into the working world is scary enough, without the long, unrewarding hours at your desk. Unless you’re making million dollar moves, it can be difficult to get noticed.

In startups, that couldn’t be further from the truth. All your work - providing it meets people’s expectations - is valued and appreciated, especially if you join a startup during its infancy. Plus, there’s nothing like impactful work to keep your motivation high and your to-do list enjoyable!


5. Building long-lasting connections

Positive and proactive workplace cultures (which you’ll find most startups advocate) make it very easy to build authentic connections. Therefore, it’s likely that the professional relationships you build in the early days of your career will last a lifetime. This will become incredibly important when the time comes to step things up a notch!

If you have someone more senior, who works for a startup, backing your corner and applauding your work, future employers will be dying to have you. Startups are truly the best springboard for your career, so make sure you keep a lookout for your next dream role.

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