5 reasons why graduates should work for startups and SMEs
Kitty Harris
Thursday, February 18, 2016
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5 reasons why graduates should work for startups and SMEs

Degree, done. Pretty exciting, right? You survived final year! Enjoy your success and get used to being called ‘The Graduate’. As you turn your attention to the idea of a real job, you might want to consider the different routes into your chosen career. Many students head straight for large, corporate companies through graduate schemes or similar roles, but these are often extremely competitive and over-subscribed. The alternative now being offered up by the world’s brightest business minds are startup companies. Here are a few reasons why the world of startups and SMEs is worth a look:
1. You will learn a LOT.

Because the teams in startups and SMEs are generally small, the job roles tend to be far more varied. Yes, this means you might do some tasks that you never thought you would, but also that you have scope to learn as many new skills as possible in a short space of time.
2. Company culture.                                                         
Two words that mean so much. Smaller companies know that there are some things that they can’t compete with large, corporate businesses on (higher salaries, for example), so they are often committed to creating a dynamic and exciting company culture. Drinks after work, casual clothing and an overall relaxed attitude are just some of the benefits you can expect. Ping-pong might also feature heavily, but we can’t make any promises.



3. You will be given actual responsibility.
In larger companies it is almost too easy to hide under your desk and slack off. In startups and SMEs, you will be handed tasks to do that have real impact on the company’s success. This means that you will feel the satisfaction of making a difference while being challenged on a daily basis.
4. Your ideas will be recognized.

In large corporations you might never have a full conversation with the CEO, but at a startup you could be sitting two desks away. If you have a bright idea about the way that the business could be improved, then your voice will be heard and recognition will go to where it is deserved. 



5. You will be part of something exciting.
In London, the buzz around innovative businesses is undeniable. Being part of a new idea that is rapidly expanding into something bigger is a fantastic rollercoaster experience that will leave you with drive and ambition. Grab the opportunity to be in the middle of it now and we promise you won’t be disappointed.
Decided smaller companies might be worth going for? Check out the BrighterBox jobs page for the latest vacancies at startups and SMEs.

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