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Jenny O'Malley
Thursday, July 8, 2021
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5 ways to get in with graduate recruiters

Recruiters make the job hunt 100 times easier. But how can you get in with them to ensure you're front of mind when a tasty new role comes in?



1. Dazzle on the phone

Don't forget that phone calls can be a type of screening recruiters use to figure out who's personable and can ace an interview. Show your personality, build some rapport, and don't be afraid to crack some jokes (or even better laugh at ours - please, just once). Once you've shined over the phone, recruiters will keep you front of mind for current and future roles.


2. Have a top-notch CV

We're not too fussy about how a CV looks (unless it's for a creative role), as long as it's laid out clearly and highlights your key skills.

The skills we value most?

- Initiative to learn
- Communication
- Problem-solving

Top candidates have also had certificates from Google Digital Garage and coding course providers (e.g. Code First Girls).


3. Be nice

Many a candidate has gone full diva on us, demanding bespoke treatment, messing around with interviews, and giving the odd 'as per my last email'. We're here to help but also don't take us for granted! We want to find you the best job for your skillset and to do that we need mutual patience, kindness, and understanding - especially if bumps in the road happen.


4. Do your prep

When we ring an hour or so before an interview, nothing makes our hearts sink quite like the words 'Oh I haven't got round to that yet'. Please, please, please make sure that you've researched the company and interviewer well, have great questions to ask (not the generic 'What's the progression like?' ones), and know how your skills and experience match up with the job spec. This will save everyone a lot of stress!


5. Don't message the client directly

This is the biggest error a candidate can make - and the hardest one to recover from! Recruiters have built strong relationships with their clients (your prospective employer) and any unchecked communication between you and the client could jeopardise this. Especially if you're breaking bad news. So, stay in your recruiter's good books by letting them do the legwork on this end. If you have any concerns, share this with them and you'll be able to come to a resolution together.


Keep these 5 things in mind when you're next chatting to a recruiter and you'll no doubt be top of the priority list!


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