Jeremy Dodd of Go Instore

BrighterBox's first ever recruits, 3 years on...

BrighterBox turned 3 recently (woo!) so we thought it would be pretty cool (and insightful) to check back in with two of our first ever placements to see how their roles and careers have evolved over the last 3 years.

We figured what better way to show how your first graduate job can kickstart your career than to ask the extended BrighterBox family themselves. They were in your shoes not so long ago, you know...


Jeremy Dodd, Economics graduate from the University of Exeter (2015) 
Business Development Executive > Business Development Manager at GoInstore, a London-based startup changing the way consumers experience online shopping.

Having graduated with a degree in Economics, I was drawn away from a traditional start in The Big Four by the allure of the startup world. BrighterBox provided a curated list of varied opportunities in London’s most thriving young companies.
Starting in a role as a Business Development Executive, my core responsibility was to make first contact with prospective customers. Armed with a unique and innovative product, pitching to and evangelising industry leaders has always been a rewarding experience. From day one, I enjoyed the ‘all hands on deck’ approach inherent in working as part of an ambitious team, gaining invaluable experience from other areas of the business.

Three years on and Go Instore is unrecognisable from my first day. The team has multiplied, yet still maintains a family feel as we all work towards a shared vision. The company has continued to hire graduates through BrighterBox where we can count on ambitious candidates from diverse backgrounds.

My current role sees me spearhead our sales efforts with the support of our two co-founders. Our international approach of working with the biggest and best brands means I’m regularly travelling to meetings across Europe and further afield. On top of this, presenting on behalf of the company to audiences of industry leaders and influencers has become a frequent occurrence. I enjoy the relationships we build with our partners and there’s always a mutual feeling that we’re working on something truly extraordinary.


Chloe Nalbantian, American Studies and Studio Art graduate at Georgetown University (2015)
Venture Development Intern > Marketing Manager at Bridebook, an app that takes all the hassle out of planning and organising weddings.

I started at Bridebook as a Venture Development Intern, shortly after leaving university in the US. Joining an early stage startup with ambitious goals meant I was immediately thrown into many different areas, assisting wherever I had the skills to do so, from content building and partnerships to product testing and analysis. The exposure to so many different parts of the business meant I was able to grow in the areas that naturally suited my skills and experience best.

One year on from completing my 6-month internship and I was leading all marketing efforts, and 6 months after that I am now managing a team of 4 people as Marketing Manager, providing me with a whole new host of challenges and experiences to learn from. Today, I am more grateful than ever for the personal and professional growth I have experienced since, and as a result of, finding this wonderful graduate opportunity through BrighterBox.

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