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Kitty Harris
Monday, November 6, 2017
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Career opportunities in the esports industry (infographic)

As a fresh graduate who’s just made it through the endless trials of assignments, tests and exams, finding a new job should be an easy task but unfortunately it can be quite a challenge. Luckily, today’s job market is expanding and new job opportunities are opening across all sectors. The esports industry is a great example of an emerging market: this multi-million dollar industry revolves around competitive online video gaming that is watched through live streaming by thousands of fans across the globe.


Aside from offering high salaries, opportunities for international travel and interaction with top players in the business sector globally, jobs within the esports industry offer graduates with minimal experience a chance to break into a lucrative market that continues to grow. Whether you’ve studied within the field of management, finance, marketing, design, or even translation services, the esports industry has high demand for almost every career you can think of. Social media managers are required for pushing online content, while community managers are in demand to build online communities around the competitive video games.


The opportunities for career development in the esports industry are endless and offer a chance for young graduates to explore their interests in a cutting-edge environment. This infographic from Computer Planet provides good insight into the many jobs available within the esports industry, as well as the salary range for each job and what skills are required. This industry is appealing to job-seekers in all fields – take a look, you’re sure to be inspired.



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