Chill, Winston. 5 ways to keep calm and cut stress at work
Charlie Johnson
Saturday, February 6, 2016
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Chill, Winston. 5 ways to keep calm and cut stress at work

Graduate job search successful. Tick. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ish. One month into your paid internship and already starting to feel overwhelmed? Let’s hope not.
It’s completely normal for graduates to feel out of their depth in new surroundings, especially if it’s your first real taste of an office environment, when your performance actually matters. You’re under scrutiny here. They’re watching. They’re walking past your desk right now. Focus on your screen. Type. Look straight ahead. Look busy!
Marketing internships may just be for Christmas but your new career? You’re in this for life.


Demanding bosses, unrealistic targets and pressure to perform are commonplace at any level of work. Most likely you’ll be learning new skills, getting to grips with software tools you’re unfamiliar with and hearing industry jargon that sounds completely foreign to you. You’re set a project deadline and are so desperate to impress that you heap pressure on yourself. Stress at work can affect anyone, even in the fledgling months of their new career.
For interns and graduate newbies there’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark by line managers and colleagues, particularly if you’re on a graduate internship that may or may not turn into a full-time role. “I’m sorry, we just haven’t got the budget.” “It’s out of my hands, but even if it wasn’t, my hands are tied.” – just some of the things we hope you never hear.
So let’s take charge of the situation! Here are our 5 favourite ways to stay positive at work.
1. Get down and give me 20!
Exercise is a great way to reduce stress: release those endorphins by getting back in the gym! Attack the day by hitting the treadmill before work or, even better, pop in on your lunch break if you have time; such a brilliant way to boost productivity in the afternoon when those around you (who will remain nameless) are starting to wilt.
2. Fresh air 
Do not underestimate the need to get away from your desk from time to time. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, stretch your legs.
3. Cut out the Haribo
Eating the wrong kind of foods can actually stress your system and make you feel tired and demotivated. If you want to feel clear-headed, start to consider what you eat (think low-sugar, high-protein).
4. Big up yourself!
It’s easy to get bogged down worrying you’re out of your depth. You’re not: you’re just starting out! Think positive. You impressed at interview, you’ve got what it takes. Just having encouraging thoughts motivates you to perform and feel even better. Get on the Energy Bus.
5. Get Headspace
We love Headspace and think everyone should give it a try. Take 10 minutes out of your day to train your mind through this meditation app for greater focus, creativity and to generally boost your wellbeing. It’s been proven to help alleviate work-related anxieties and helps you sleep better too!

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