The ultimate five step guide to video CVs
Charlie Johnson
Sunday, February 7, 2016
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The ultimate 5 step guide to video CVs

Video CVs - what’s all this about then? I can imagine you thinking. I can whack out a paper one, sure, but I’m really not sure about this video stuff.

I hear ya. Being told a video CV is a good idea is probably a bit of a departure from the standard careers advice you got at school and university. But take it from us, employers love them. Like, 'won’t consider your application without one' love them.

Just imagine yourself on the other side of the hiring equation. You have to look through the CVs of 30 different graduates and decide which five are the best ones to interview for the job. Tough, right? Well a video CV gives you the chance to elaborate on your paper equivalent and show some personality, while the employer can get a better idea of what you’re about and make a more informed decision about whether you’re a good fit for the role and the company. Win-win.


So, assuming you’re sold on the concept (or even if you’re semi-persuaded), how might you go about making one? Here are five steps to video CV greatness.

1) Your phone will do
You don’t need any sort of professional equipment to get your video CV masterpiece off the ground - the camera on your phone is almost certainly good enough quality. Just remember to shoot it in landscape not portrait.

2) Find a quiet spot
You don’t want to be interrupted or have background noise in your video, so find a quiet spot to film. Maybe your bedroom or the living room with the door shut and other members of your household politely requested to keep the noise down.

3) Think background
Like the point above, you don’t want anything distracting from what you’re saying, so keep your background as plain as possible. No messy room, no Mr. Tibbles prowling around in the background. A blank wall is probably your best bet.

4) Keep it short and sharp
We’re talking 30 second to a minute, tops. No-one is after your life history here, just the key parts of you experience (educational and professional) that apply to the sort of roles you are after.

5) Grab attention
You know when you watch YouTube and if the video has a boring start, you turn off? Yeah, that. It applies to employers watching your video CV too. Big confident hello, with your name, your degree and what you’re looking for. Flash them a smile. And you’re far more likely to have your whole video watched, not switched off.

After that, it’s up to you! Think of it as a 30 second sales pitch for yourself. Highlight your key achievements, relevant experience, and explain why you’re looking for a certain type of role (or if you’re open to options explain the types of skills you like to use at work).

Do all that and you’re well on your way to impressing an employer and taking a step towards that dream graduate job.


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