Welcome to BrighterBox
Charlie Johnson
Friday, October 9, 2015
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Welcome to BrighterBox – a new kind of graduate agency

Introducing BrighterBox. The easier way to find a graduate job; the quick, efficient way to hire brilliant young talent. 

We have a founding team brimming with experience of matching a wealth of different companies with great grads, a superlative network among graduate and universities, and a sixth sense for where to find where the fun's at.

BrighterBox is the answer to the question you perhaps never thought you'd ask: who can find me a job/new employee AND show me a good time in the process? But what a question.


So that you know who you're dealing with, here we are looking entirely relaxed when asked to look natural for our team photo.


L-R: Jaime (the Canadian, eh); Charlie (the big man); Danielle (rabble rouser); Andrew (Resident DJ. No, we know he doesn't look like it)

And, so you know who you're not dealing with, here's what our wonderful web team UsVs came up with when Charlie asked if they could make him look any better.
Hey girl, spot the difference

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