What not to include on your CV
Kitty Harris
Friday, March 11, 2016
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What not to include on your CV

Writing a CV can be trickier than you think. Know what to write and what NOT to write on your CV can be trick. Unless you studied business at school it is unlikely that you were explicitly taught how to create one, which leaves a lot of room for error. With the graduate jobs market the way that it is, internal and external recruiters don’t have as much time as they would like to go through CVs. In order to ensure yours isn’t one that gets dismissed, go through this checklist of things that are commonly included on CVs and take them off ASAP:
1. Your age
If you want to avoid discrimination, then you will need to take your age or date of birth off your application. It is irrelevant information that an employer should not be taking into account, so don’t give them the option.  
2. Your national insurance number
Unfortunately, we live in a world of villains and scammers. Your national insurance number is private information that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands, so don’t let it out into the public.
3. A photo
It is almost impossible to get a résumé photo right. Is it going to be a pouting selfie? A frowning passport photo? A Facebook profile picture with the beer pong cropped out? Whatever the photo is just leave it off – it will only be another cause for discrimination.
4. Blocks of text
We hate to say it, but nobody has the time to read long paragraphs anymore. Break everything up into bullet points and only put the essential information down. Choose the stuff that will make you stand out and delete the excess.

5. Every single University module and grade
Keep. It. Relevant. Take that as a rule of thumb for your CV in general. If you achieved great grades in modules that are directly related to the job you are applying for, then by all means put it down, just don’t include everything.


6. Negativity
Ok, so a campaign you were in charge of didn’t go very well, but how about writing about what you learnt from it and where you adapted to make improvements? Find the positives in everything you are presenting.
7. Lies
Let’s all agree to be honest, shall we? Lying on your CV is going to get you nowhere, except maybe to an interview that you will be vastly out of your depth at. Do yourself a favour at this stage and drop the blatant lies.
8. Extra pages
Keep it to two pages. Don’t waffle on about your sporting achievements and Duke of Edinburgh awards for five pages – keep it concise and again, relevant! Just as you would with any good piece of writing, take the time to edit properly.

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