Workplace questions you rarely get the answers to

Got some workplace questions you don't really want to go to HR about? Lucky for you, we've got the answers!

Workplace questions and answers


How drunk can you get at a work social?

As a rule of thumb, only get as drunk as your boss. Any more and you might get a sore dose of hanxiety (or beer-fear as some might say) the next day! That being said, be as sober as you want or don't drink at all.


When do you stop replying all?

This is a HUGE grey area.

Key things to factor in are:
- How many are in the email chain?
- Have specific people asked to be in the chain?
- Is everyone essential to the conversation and contributing?

Make your next move based on this.

Generally, unless someone like your manager has asked to be CC'd in for visibility, take people out once the chain stops being relevant to them.


Can you go out for lunch?

Short answer - absolutely. It should say in your contract that you're entitled to a 1-hour paid lunch break each day and within this time you can do pretty much what you like! Meet a friend for a bite to eat, stretch your legs, run a quick errand.

In a corporate environment, it might be standard practice to eat at your desk but this is by no means mandatory.


How many coffee breaks is too many?

The key thing here is to find your coffee accomplice in the office who knows what's what. They go to get a coffee every hour? Good news for you. They only need a coffee fix twice a day? You might be able to stretch it to three.


Can you use emojis in an email?

While we're avid users and advocates of the humble emoji and gif here at BrighterBox, it's best to read the room. Startups tend to be less formal so typically welcome them, while a corporate might find emojis inappropriate for use at work. The best thing to do is see how senior leaders communicate and follow their lead.

Communication between your colleagues compared to external parties and clients will of course be different too, so switch emoji use accordingly.


Can you swear at work?

For the most part, we'd say avoid doing this as you want to remain professional. Again you'll have to read the room a bit - if you're speaking to the top dogs of your company, swearing might not give the right impression (depending on your relationship). However, if you're just hanging around your close workmates and want to colourfully describe a recent life mishap, then you should be fine.


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