10 apps to improve your London graduate life
Kitty Harris
Saturday, March 19, 2016
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10 apps to improve your London graduate life

Got a graduate job in London? Ready to get the most out of your new city? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Or loads of apps in fact. From figuring out how to get to work in the morning to staying calm after a mad day at the office - we’ve got you covered.
1. CityMapper
We have genuinely no idea how anyone gets around London without using CityMapper. Direct routes to your destination, whether walking, cycling, tubing, hovercrafting - you name it. This app tells you how long your journey will take based on real-time transport updates and what time you would arrive if you left that second. It also shows how much it will cost too, so you can save some pennies if needs be.
2. Dojo
You might not know London yet, so you need someone who does to show you around, right? Dojo is that guy who knows all the intriguing pop-up bars and independent places to eat and drink. This app does everything it can to make sure you won’t be sitting at home at the weekend.


3. UberEats
Uber might have gone on this list, but we have the night tube now – who needs Uber? However, they have rolled out their new delivery app and it hits the graduate mark. London is full of great foodie spots, so browse them all and sample a few, all from the lazy comfort of your ergonomic office chair. Top tip: get a code off someone you already know is using the app and get a £10 voucher (and then pass on your own code for a further £5 off).
4. Headspace

London is a great city, an exciting city, but also a stressful city, particularly if you aren’t used to the fast pace. If you need a moment to slow down and relax then download Headspace and take 10 minutes out of every day to find a calm spot inside your own head. It’s refreshing and completely necessary for a new job.
5. Dice
Big music fan? There are live gigs happening every single night in the capital city, so how are you supposed to know about all of them? The Dice app is a good-guy ticketing service that eradicates scalps, as well as being a great source of information on the best acts available. These guys just want to connect you with good music, what’s not to love?


6. London Coffee Network
The graduate job life needs coffee. You are bound to be familiar with the scramble to find decent coffee in a time crunch during your final year, so the London Coffee Network app steps in to make it simpler. Whether you want a lazy brunch with friends or just a decent takeaway that doesn’t taste like cardboard, this is the app that comes to the rescue. By scanning the in-app QR codes you earn points that go towards (you guessed it) more coffee!
7. Street Art London
If you want to get to know your new city, then seeking out the intriguing pieces of street art dotted around is a great way to start. Snap pictures of the ones you find and share them with your mates to show off how cultural you are. The app is constantly kept updated by street art experts, which is pretty useful as these pieces can come and go overnight – a tad more exciting than the ancient and heavily protected art works in London’s galleries.
8. Frugl
Yeah, you might be a graduate with a full time job, but London is still expensive. Frugl finds some amazing events and offers all for £10 or less. There’s a lot of great comedy, nights out and food deals happening all over the city, you just need a little heads-up on where to find it.


9. Hidden London
A major part of becoming a true Londoner is learning where the best places are, unbeknownst to tourists. Let them have Buckingham Palace and the London Eye while you login to the Hidden London app to find those lesser known attractions without all the crowds. Top tip: If you really hate crowds that much, then also download TubeExits, an app that helps you choose the carriage closest to your final destination's platform exit.
10. Stagedoor
If you get bored of the endless craft beers bars and eclectic comedy clubs, then up the sophistication with a few evenings at the theatre. Stagedoor is perfect for staying up to date with what’s on and where, and will recommend similarly fantastic productions as time goes on. London is famous for its theatrical delights, so don’t miss out.
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