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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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6 best podcasts for success in your graduate career journey

Most graduates need help on their career journey, whether it is to get their foot in the door, to be introduced to a potential mentor, or just for some good old advice. Luckily with the era of podcasts you don’t only have to rely on dense self-help books, or parental well-meaning advice. Podcasts are tried and true mediums to get in-depth audio information from specialists in the field of your choosing. There are so many podcasts out there, specifically on the subject of graduates and millennials from learning how to adult to find that killer graduate job and all the other nitty gritty details. So, we’ve compiled a list to introduce you to some aural gems of wisdom that may help you on your graduate journey. Download and listen to these podcasts as an primer to a world of information.


1. Millennial
Millennial focuses on the transition between university and graduate employment and "how to maneuver your twenties"It explores the subject of finding meaningful work with the pressures of money and fulfillment. A study of a twentysomething year old which helps graduates ask important questions and develop a sense of self upon graduation into a professional. Although the podcast is autobiographical from the experiences of Megan Tan, a young millennial, it voices a lot of concerns graduates have and allows for a portal where graduates who struggle on their graduate journey are not alone. There’s several episodes that explore hurdles and milestones that many graduates will face through personal anecdotes, making the graduate journey less lonely.


2. Adulthood Made Easy
#Adulting is hard. The post-graduation landscape is very different from what it was ten years ago and many of the jobs that exist in the workplace today didn't years ago. If you’re having trouble wading the graduate waters and need help with issues like making a move to a new city, figuring out your taxes or switching jobs Adulthood Made Easy will address most of your concerns. This weekly podcast hosted by Sam Zabell, a twenty-something year old who helps work through listeners’ real-world queries. Throughout the podcast, she also speaks to her own experiences and struggles with adulthood, resulting in a show that many recent grads can relate to.


3.  Adulting

#Adulting is hard. Oenone Forbat, a well-known Instagram influencer and the host of Adulting, covers the difficult processes of growing up as graduates transition from being a university student to becoming professionals in the workplace. Number one on Apple podcasts at the moment,  it’s informative, with genuine conversations that cover a diverse range of topics on how twentysomethings navigate a period in their life that can be quite overwhelming and confusing.


4. Career Talk
Careers Talk, hosted by Stephanie Dennis, is a podcast that covers everything from CVs, communicating effectively to changing jobs and networking. It features genuine talks about various career advice topics. Some of those topics include: interview tips, resume writing, finding a new job, career growth, evaluating your career, when you should think about a new job, and so much more. Ideal for graduates needing help on all things career related whether you’re stuck working a dead-end job that doesn’t align with your skills or looking for the next step up in your grad journey listening to this podcast will make you feel reassured and that the workplace is much more accessible than graduates believe.


5. Millennial Money / You Need A Budget 

Millennial Money and You need a budget are both stellar podcasts to master your graduate finances once and for all. Whether you are struggling with paying off your student loan or wanting to finally be in control of your budget. Both podcasts offer actionable and easy tips to be a master of your finances, get out of debt and get results- every graduates dream. 

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