6 reasons why being a graduate beats being a student
Kitty Harris
Monday, February 22, 2016
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6 reasons why being a graduate beats being a student

Most people seem to think that once you graduate, your life is over (or at least the fun part is). Student life is a whirlwind of immaturity and questionable drinking games, whilst graduation is unknown territory. Get ready to reverse your thinking, because graduate life definitely has a lot to offer (plus it doesn’t include 9am lectures on a hangover).
1. You don’t have to spend all day, every day in the library.
The library is gone. Your expired student card won’t even let you through the barriers, so just forget about that place and move on. As a graduate you won’t have to spend all day and night trying to find a single paragraph that sums up your argument in a book written a hundred years ago. You can pick up a thriller from a local bookshop and put it down any time you like. 
2. You can come home and actually relax.
You can leave your place of work at the end of the day, put your feet up and watch all the trash TV you like. It’s not called procrastination anymore because you don’t have overdue essays to avoid now. Work stays at work and your free time is just that – free.

3. You will have expendable income (hopefully).
Ok, so rent and bills take up a big part of it, but now you aren’t working part-time in the student union your pay packet is going to increase. Your graduate job might even offer bonuses, and the best news is this is just the beginning! As your experience increases, so will your salary, so you can enjoy a slightly higher class of living from now on.
4. Your housing conditions will be slightly better.
Speaking of living, you will now be able to afford a house that doesn’t have damp patches of mould speckling the walls. Ok, so this point is still largely dependent on how gross your housemates are, but the hope is that 3/4 years of student living will have taught you all how often to wash your bedsheets and why cleaning dishes is essential.

5. You can reclaim your sleeping pattern.
We aren’t promising that you will wake up feeling refreshed every day (does that ever happen?), but at least you will be able to sleep when the rest of the UK is also unconscious. No more sugar-fuelled sleepovers at your computer means no more random escapes into dreamland during the day.
6. You can decide what to do next.
Graduate job? Freelance? Travel the world? Now you are free of the constraints of your degree you have the time to really think about what you want to do. If starting on a serious career path isn’t for you then no pressure, just take this opportunity to try a few different things. Graduating is an exciting time, so make the most of it!
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