6 ways to make the most of your graduate internship
Kitty Harris
Friday, February 19, 2016
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6 ways to make the most of your graduate internship

Paid internships can be a great way to get experience. If you are finding it difficult to get a graduate job straight off the bat, then a graduate internship will considerably fill out your CV. You will be introduced to a multitude of people in your chosen field, and playing your cards right could even lead to that full-time graduate job. As internships are often short-term placements it’s in your best interests to maximize the experience as much as possible, in order to get what you need from it.  
1. The number one piece of advice is: network as much as possible.

Shake hands, be friendly, add your co-workers on LinkedIn (within reason – not necessarily Sharon on the third floor that smiled at you once), and generally meet as many people as possible. Everyone you build a positive relationship with has the potential to assist you with your future full-time job search, so stay in touch.
2. Get stuck in to everything.

Don’t shy away from the tasks you are given and never think that you are above the lower-level jobs. Having a great attitude towards every task, no matter how menial, demonstrates dedication and enthusiasm for the role.



3. Don’t be afraid of putting your own ideas out there.
You are a new pair of eyes on the scene, which means you might be able to make observations about the business from an alternative perspective. Speaking out when you think you might have valuable input is a great way to get positive recognition.
4. Volunteer to help out with extra projects.

Seeming keen is always a good thing, so if you see something that might be interesting, or plays to your skillset, then ask if you can help out. Seek out new challenges and opportunities, and at the very least you will never be bored.


5. Remember what you have learned.
Internships are a steep learning curve, so it is essential that you make the most of the experience and apply everything that you have gained to your budding career. Absorb everything and use it as a stepping stone onto the next stage.
6. As your internship ends, make sure you thank your employer for the experience.

Politeness goes a long way in the professional world and indicating how much you enjoyed the internship is not going to hurt. Go in there ready to end on a high note and there’s every chance you’ll be hired. But hey, if it isn’t quite right for now then at least you will make sure your name is first to mind when they need someone in the future.


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