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Thursday, May 17, 2018
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8 lessons Meghan Markle had to learn before becoming royalty & how it can help on your graduate journey

Naturally, we found the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle very exciting. We also love finding great interview tips to help graduates. So, here’s our mashup of advice graduates can take away from Meghan’s transition to Duchess Sussex & becoming a full-time princess and how you can use these tips to find your first graduate job. 



Dress for the job

Becoming royalty means adhering to a strict dress code. Long gone are Meghan’s days of casual wear. Wearing attire outside the suggested dress code is a huge faux-pas with royalty & in the working world. “Cultural fit” is important whether you are marrying a prince or joining a new company. If your attire screams ‘corporate” in a tech startup  that has a t-shirt & jeans vibe, then chances are you don’t understand the company culture, won’t fit with the team and won’t get the job. Likewise, if Meghan decides to don jeans to a royal event, she’ll get her fair share of funny looks. Dress for the job, regardless of whether it’s for a graduate career or to become the next princess to join the royal family. Make sure you check the dress code before attending and even if a company or event is informal, you should still make an effort. 


Have good posture

Sit up straight! Posture is everything and not only for the royals. It portrays confidence which Miss Markle & every graduate needs. It also has the added benefit of making one feel less fatigued, which helps the future princess during those long days carrying out duty after duty and graduates more enthusiastic during their interview.


Be careful of your social

Fans of Miss Markle can no longer follow the bride-to-be on social media as she has now closed all of her social accounts. A potential employer may determine whether you are fit for the company based on a compromising photo on your social. Likewise, royalty, not known to take selfies, skip over social media altogether considering that their lives are pretty public already and to avoid being portrayed in a bad light.  Take the basic steps needed to ensure that any undesirable media is inaccessible by the powers that be. Or one better, stay away from undesirable media. Check to see if your social feeds have the appropriate privacy settings, and make sure previous posts will not compromise you.



Keep up-to date & knowledgeable 

The royal family needs to be up-to-date on current affairs and be knowledgeable about what is happening in the world especially with royal tours around the globe and meeting world leaders. This knowledge and ability to nail cocktail chitchat is needed for small talk amongst foreign officials, speaking at dinner parties and  attending social events. Keeping up to date with current affairs and world events means you can feel confident and knowledgeable when interacting with new people. For a graduate the ability to engage in small talk and discussions is essential in building relationships and getting the graduate job.


Developing public speaking skills 

Royals are known to take part in press interviews, social and philanthropic events and public outings, many in which they must publicly address their guests. Miss Markle has had a head start with the help of her previous acting skills which have no doubt aided her in addressing the media as a soon-to-be royal. This ability to speak well to the public is not only for royalty. Graduates must develop similar public speaking and communication skills to help with presentations that are sometimes needed to land your first graduate job.


Answering a question without necessarily answering the question

Often you can’t control what you are asked, whether you are a royal with the press or a graduate in an interview. Questions like “Why do you want to leave your job?” fall in the same vein as personal questions asked of Meghan and replying negatively can hurt your image or chances.  What is said in both scenarios will be highly analysed and sometimes knowing how to answer a question, without really giving anything away or saying something improper is a vital skill to have.


Never complain 

Joining the royal family has a multitude of perks and comes with many privileges most people of the general population cannot dream of. Naturally, not complaining is a general motto adopted by the royals. Likewise, complaining in a graduate setting can put off future employers from hiring you; a candidate’s negativity is an undesirable trait. 


Keep politics out of the conversation

Once Meghan Markle officially joins the royal family, she will no longer be allowed to vote or voice political opinions publicly, a customary rule with royalty. This detachment from the government means remaining neutral and avoiding scrutiny. This development is important in a graduate’s work environment where professionals work cohesively as a team despite varying political opinions.



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