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Jenny O'Malley
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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The best places to live in London for recent graduates

You've left your crumbling student housing and are moving on to pastures new - London town. But where exactly is best to go?

BrighterBox has teamed up with PerchPeek - whose mission is to find people the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood - to give you the low-down on the best places to live in London post-graduation. Their London Operations Manager, Eloise has also gifted us with some insider insights on popular graduate haunts!

Which areas are young people moving to?

New graduates are heading out in droves to South and East London, with the North and West being slightly less populated by uni leavers. Why's that? For recent grads, the commute to work, location of their social circle, and affordability of housing are the top 3 most important factors in deciding where to live - and the South and East seem to be ticking all the boxes. 

We'll take you through the best areas for all locations, so you can see which graduate hotspot might be up your alley:




Graduates in gown and caps doing gymnastics

Have you ever been to Clapham Common on a sunny day? You might as well be back at your uni campus. There'll be people having a kick-about, 20-somethings drinking in the sunshine, and the odd rollerskater whizzing by. Clapham's buzzing social life and affordable flats have secured its place in the hearts of graduates and young professionals. So if you're looking to keep the uni vibes going, make sure you end up in this part of town. 

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 45%
  • BrighterBox rating: 8/10



Images of Brixton properties on two phones

Brixton keeps you on your feet. Expect liveliness, an abundance of restaurant options, and green spaces galore in this neck of the woods. Brixton dances to the beat of its own drum - it embraces diversity and creativity, providing a rich and exciting experience for its residents. Many graduates have already found their place in Brixton's fabric and have nothing but great things to share.

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 41%
  • BrighterBox rating: 8/10



Images of Stockwell properties on two phones

Known as Little Portugal, Stockwell is well connected and the best spot in London to grab yourself a pastéis de nata. Although it may not be up to much in terms of nightlife, Stockwell offers reasonable rental prices and is just a quick bop away from the social hotspots that Brixton and Clapham provide. It's also a great place to live if your office is north of the river, as the tube into Oxford Circus only takes you 30 minutes.

Eloise's verdict? “People who have been to the southwest talk as if no other place in London exists. It’s like a little university bubble so it’s quite a nice transition area.”

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 32%
  • BrighterBox rating: 7/10




Images of Shoreditch properties on two phones

Are tortoiseshell-print glasses, mini beanies, and a nose ring part of your aesthetic? You'll fit right in. Shoreditch welcomes hipsters and independent store enthusiasts with open arms, supplying quirky bars and a collection of thrift shops to sift through. It's a melting pot of creative heads, city bankers, and long-standing residents which exposes you to the modern metropolis and also London's not-to-be-forgotten roots.

Eloise's verdict? “East London is amazing for restaurants, and can be really good value. Places like Hackney, Shoreditch, Hoxton, Dalston, London Fields. Stratford is great value for money.”

TOP TIP: “Surprisingly, you can sometimes get great deals in Canary Wharf, because it’s only busy during the day, and pleasantly very quiet at night. You can get a great deal on a swimming pool, gym, and concierge.”

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 27%
  • BrighterBox rating: 8/10
  • Also popular: Hoxton and Hackney




Images of Angel properties on two phones

Clean and crisp is how I would describe Angel. Used as a base by many London businesses, Angel offers a more tranquil environment compared to other grad locations. Its central location exposes you to a network of tubes and buses that can get you around London with ease, and Angel high street has a variety of bars and pubs to explore if you're not feeling up to going further afield. Also, according to a top secret BrighterBox source, The Angel pub may in fact be the cheapest Wetherspoons in Central London! If that's not enough to convince you to live here, I don't know what is.

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 41%
  • BrighterBox rating: 6/10



Images of Camden properties on two phones


The original host of London's alt-scene, Camden has since mellowed out but still holds strong to its values of great music and entertainment. Music venues KOKO, Electric Ballroom, The Roundhouse, and The Jazz Cafe guarantee a good time by presenting a whole range of artists that'll get you moving. To occupy yourself further, stroll over to Camden Lock or The Stables Market for a bite to eat and then work your way over to one of the many top boozers and bars available to you.

Eloise's verdict? “Despite being quite touristy, Camden can be a lot of fun for its nightlife, and it’s close to Hampstead Heath - one of the most popular green spaces in London. Kentish town is also popular – it has loads of pubs around there.”

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 27%
  • BrighterBox rating: 8/10
  • Also popular: Kentish Town




Images of Fulham properties on two phones

Bear with us on this one - Fulham is a beautiful area to live in with great connections, greenery, and tasty cafes. However, it can be VERY expensive. We're throwing this one in the mix for grads who are wanting to live the high life, have got big bucks to spend, aren't too fussed about the social side, and marvel at the prospect of bumping into the Made in Chelsea cast. If none of the above resonate with you? Avert your eyes and look elsewhere, chaps. 

  • Percentage of grads strongly considering the area: 27%
  • BrighterBox rating: 7/10
  • Also popular: Hammersmith


Whichever place you decide to call home, you'll be able to revel the many perks The Big Smoke has to offer - so enjoy it! Graduate life awaits you.

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