Lucy Wood
Friday, June 22, 2018
5 min read

How channelling Beyoncé can help you boss your job

As Beyoncé drops yet another album without warning, it’s natural to wonder just how she manages to do it all. From creating new music, to touring, to staying on top of her business ventures, philanthropic work and also being a mother - she has a busy schedule. It’s a badly kept secret that Beyoncé has an incredible work ethic but what exactly has turned Beyoncé into a global superstar and how can we incorporate some of her keys to success into our own careers?  


Superbowl goals

Set a goal. Not so much the daily ones or even your three year plan. Instead, consider your overarching life goal - what do you need to have achieved in your entire life to feel happy? Beyoncé’s has been achieving success in her music career but making sure she’s always growing as a person, that means she’s been able to constantly push herself to become a more successful artist without compromising her values. Applying a similar goal to your own life can make it easier to realise when you’re straying from your own path and need to get back on track.


I dream hard, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it

You have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé, are you maximising them? Beyoncé can be a tough act to live up to considering how much she manages to fit into her day. There’s no denying her work ethic and a lot of this is also due to goal setting. By setting more short term goals but keeping them a secret from everybody else you’re much more likely to keep reaching for them. Telling people your goals can trick your brain into thinking you've already achieved the goal, making you much less likely to complete what you set out to do.



Keep my head in those books, I’m sharp

Beyoncé’s successful Super Bowl halftime show was only partially due to her talents, the diligent research she did prior to creating the performance was also key. Beyoncé made sure to watch every past halftime show to determine what worked well on such a large scale and things it would be better to avoid. These foundations made creating an incredible show much easier. Research creates a key framework for ideas and also helps broaden your area of expertise - key for grads starting new roles, where the more you know, the better you’ll do.


I may be young but I’m ready

The lack of promotion from her albums: Lemonade and Everything Is Love have been game-changers in the marketing industry, so much so that Harvard Business School even did a study on the style of album release. Rather than using traditional advertising, they kept the release tightly under wraps, then used the power of social media to promote the album. It seemed risky but came with a deep knowledge of how social media functioned and the move paid off. Thinking critically about industry standards and questioning norms is the perfect way to discover how things could work better. So don’t be afraid to speak up if you see inefficiencies or have ideas for the future in your own company.


Let me raise a glass to college grads

Even Beyoncé appreciates she’s not the best at everything so is never afraid to collaborate or get advice from others. This has been evident with her visual albums, allowing creatives produce films that push her music to the next level. The same is very true for grads as well, finding mentors and people within the company you can ask for help is key to increasing your professional growth. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of them, they’ll often be the most effective way to learn and the best people to answer the less obvious questions.


So while this post may not grant you the superpower to dance for two hours in heels or help you wake up flawless.  You should definitely use Queen Bee as an inspiration to get the best out of yourself both personally and in your career. Everything is in your grasp; if you dream hard, work hard and grind ‘til you own it.

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