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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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What’s the weirdest/funniest interview you’ve ever had?

Interviews, for some, are notorious for being uncomfortable. Sure, the dream might be to walk in that room and instantly feel at ease, breeze through the process and moonwalk out with a smile on your face, but this isn’t usually the case. Often, it’s nerve-wracking, you might forget your previous job title completely and then manage to trip up on your own feet on the way out. These are pretty normal things that can happen in any interview (and the interviewers know this and are sympathetic), but occasionally life throws you a curve-ball. Weird interview questions are some graduates' biggest fear.


We asked some of the grads on our books: what was the weirdest or funniest interview experience you ever had? The answers were hilarious (and sometimes downright worrying). Here are some of our favourites:


“I was asked whether I preferred to have spoons instead of arms, or forks instead of legs.” – Anna


“When my interviewer confessed to me that she shared all my same interests, found the job quite boring, and told me not to go through with my application.” – Elaine


“Had an interview for a directing job and turned up to the interview place and it was his house. He answered the door in his PJs. We did the interview in the kitchen with a few of his friends lying on the floor too hungover from the night before to move.” – Eddie


“My interviewer started to cry and we ended up talking about her personal problems for over an hour.” – Noemie


“I had to interview for a University and at the group stage they asked me to physically represent a wave of life...” – Jessica


“A one-on-one on a Saturday on Valentines Day. It went on for 4 hours and he ordered in food and snacks - was it a date without me even realizing? Who knows!” – Cassi


“I had an interview where I was confused for another candidate interviewing for another role. They started asking me questions about astrophysics. I thought, ‘this is pretty intense for a summer-temp clerk job’.” – Ibrahim


“Years ago, I interviewed at a strange cat cafe with a funny smell, coated almost entirely in cat hair. The interviewer spent twenty minutes going over the personalities of the different cats in minute detail, followed by testing me on them.” – Catherine


“Location: Rooftop bar. Situation: My interviewer had had one too many.” – Nadia


“I interviewed to be a Freshers' Representative at university, which involved re-enacting a bungee jump and trying to ‘cheer up’ a mannequin.” – Shalaka


“I was asked: 'how many dogs are there in the UK?' Having given my answer, the interviewer smiled and I was given no context or follow up discussion.” – Abigail


“An assessment centre for my first job at an adventure park. We had to play charades through a live video stream.” – Cayman


“For a butcher's Saturday job, being quizzed about sausages!” – Felix


“I had a summer job selling nuts from a food truck at festivals. In the interview they asked me to try on a squirrel tail!” – Alice


“How many cigarette butts are on the floor in London at any point in time?” – Sam


“Whilst I was being interviewed there was a staff member who walked past with bread sellotaped to his face and his entire body. The person interviewing me had to apologise to me but we both found it very funny.” – Elizabeth

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