Jenny O'Malley
Thursday, June 10, 2021
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BrighterBox's ultimate startup guide


From the perfect name to the perfect hire

To help get your startup set up for success, we've compiled an Ultimate Startup Guide that'll give you insights into all the nitty-gritty elements involved in starting your own business. So, whether you're looking for tips on how to create an enviable logo or seeking the need-to-knows of hiring an intern, we've got you.


1. Setting up

Great foundations provide the springboard to prosperity. Here you'll find all you need to know to start your new venture off in the right direction.


6 crowdfunding tips for startups

How to find your brand voice

7 reasons why London is a great place for a startup

How to do your market research as a startup

Surviving your first year as a startup

Tips for raising venture capital for your startup

How to choose a name for your startup

How to design an awesome logo for your startup

Can raising too much money harm your startup?

Top 4 traits of a successful startup CEO

Illustration in yellow, black, and grey of a cartoon woman with lots of shapes around her


2. Marketing

Great idea? Check. Now to share it with the masses. See which platforms may work best for your business and how great SEO content can increase awareness.


How to write consistently good content

Utilising Twitter for your startup success

10 common marketing mistakes made by startups

Should your startup be on Pinterest?

Easy SEO tips for startups

5 ways to get your content to go viral

Crash course in using Instagram to promote your startup

4 great books about marketing for startups

Top 3 reasons why your content isn't being shared

illustration of a woman balancing yellow, black, and grey shapes on her index fingers


3. Hiring and growing

You're getting in the swing of things now! Might it be time to start growing?


Is your startup finally ready to scale?

In-house vs agency – is there a right way to recruit?

What you need to know before hiring an intern

How to hire on potential rather than experience

How to use Instagram to hire grads

How to make a graduate a job offer that they can't refuse

How to attract top graduate talent to your startup

Common startup hiring mistakes

How to make a new hire feel welcome

What's in a name? Employment statuses defined

illustration of woman drawing a door onto a yellow square with shapes around her


4. The workplace

Top talent is backing your startup - make sure they feel supported and engaged with your culture.


How to convert employees into brand ambassadors

10-minute team activities to boost startup work productivity

How to encourage a fit and healthy startup culture

illustration of someone looking through glasses


5. The pandemic and future of work

When COVID strikes, strike back! Provide consistency for your employees and job candidates, alongside a healthy dose of team bonding.


5 ways to bond with your team during a pandemic

Graduate job interview experiences in lockdown



BrighterBox connects top grads with top startups. Give us a proper look here and, if you like what you see, pop us a message.

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