Jake Bentwood
Tuesday, July 30, 2019
5 min read

What's next for these Love Island stars...

We've spent the last two months staring in awe at our televisions. No, I'm not talking about the Djokovic/Federer Wimbledon Final, or even that (now infamous) Cricket World Cup Final between England and New Zealand. No, I am, of course, talking about the only sporting that really matters in 2019; the race to find love (and £50,000) on ITV's summer smash hit, Love Island. 

This years cast of 20-somethings have brought us laughter, tears and the occasional expletive to our lives, but what role could they play now that it's over? 

Tommy, 20, Committed & Passionate

Passionate and determined, Tommy seems relentless in his pursuits and doesn't give up and we know he'd fit in well as the Brighterbox office. Future Graduate Recruiter maybe? 


Molly-Mae, 20, Social & Excitable 

A genuine socialite, our Molly loves a good chat (gossip). Already a social media influencer when she entered the villa, there is no other role that fits the blonde bombshell better than Social Media Coordinator. Her eye for style, digital and photo skills, and now her HUGE following means a better fit might be Social Media Queen, or even our SEO Media Executive position. 


Maura, 28, Powerful & No-nonsense 

She tells it how it is and doesn't put up with nonsense; a great character and a powerful presence makes Maura a strong leader. We wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Hurricane Maura and her high expectations make for a strong case for Team Leader. Unfortunately, her salmon needs work so she will have to settle for our Membership Manager role. 


Curtis, 23, Calm & Wise 

Somehow, two different women have fallen in love with our resident ballroom dancer while in the villa. Stood next to Ovie, he STILL managed to charm the ladies. If he can sell a product or a service as well as he can sell himself, he would be perfect for our Sales Executive (Spanish Speaking) role - let's just hope after 2 months in Mallorca, "ha aprendido un poco de Espanol". 


Ovie, 28, Tall, Handsome & Aware 

Ovie seems to have everything; physicality, intelligence, personality, compassion, respect and much more. If he wasn't already well suited to the role of Professional Basketballer, he'd get our vote for Prime Minister. Unfortunately, we dont have that partiuclar role live (yet), so we'll take advantage of his ability to form relationships and place him in our Partnerships Manager role. 


India, 28, Focussed & Go-Getter 

Knew what she wanted when she went into the villa. She managed to woo Love Islands guardian angel and got what she wanted. She's efficient, ruthless and an un-rivalled go-getter, so we can see India in all manner of Project Management roles. Not quite ready for work without the careful guidence of Ovie, the Business Development Intern seems a great role to watch her progress and develop. Hair flick needs work. 


Amber, 21, Honest, Resilient & Determined 

High standards and strong resilience, Amber continued to get knocked down but refused to give up. She analysed her situation with Michael, weighed the pros and cons, and finally ended up successful and the Queen of the villa. Analytical and ruthless, she sent Michael packing and would make a great Operations & HR Assistant


Greg, 24, Understanding & Compassionate

Having spent 6 weeks watching from the sidelines, Irish boy Greg rigorously analysed the situation and made clever and composed decisions to reach his goal. Having charmed the Villa's Queen and helped her realise her full potential, we are expecting to see Greg thrive in his new role as Pricing Analyst. Thumbs up if you like the idea! 

Here at Brighterbox, we know that looking for a job can be just as scary, if not scarier, than looking for love. But, as you can see from above, we really do have something for everyone, so why not send us your CV? You never know, you could be just our type on paper...

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